Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to tell to the Universe what you want?

    How to tell to the Universe what you want?  


To fulfill our best wishes and desires correctly and on time, we should formulate them in the right way. Depending on your perception of the world, you can consider the following information as a just a fairy tale or as the most valuable words you have ever heard. Despite your opinion, here is the best instruction for ordering your desires that consist of several points:

- The desire should not be a condition for the fulfillment of another desire
- Desire should stimulate you only to have feelings but not the thoughts about the new desires
- The desire should be environmentally friendly and focused only on you
First of all, you should exactly know your real desire. However, how to realize it? For example, you want to get fifty thousand dollars but what for? For buying a new apartment, a good car and the rest of money put in the bank. Now we have three desires, and from now on we have to reflect on every of them individually. Let us begin! Why do you need a new apartment? I want to live separate from my parents. Why do you want to live separate from your parents? The reason is that I do not like when they control me. I want to be free! As soon as your answer expresses your feelings, you have to consider this desire as the most real, which should to be asked from the Universe.

Secondly, what will happen with you after your dream comes true? The answer is "I will feel happiness!" Let`s come back to those fifty thousand dollars. When I have "A"(fifty thousand dollars), I will have "B" and "C", and "D" and so on. We can realize that we should do something with the money, and this is the right signal that the wish of money is not the right wish. If the new apartment is just the way to escape from parents' control, then you should order not the new apartment but freedom from your parents. In other words, you can get the new apartment but not the freedom from the parental surveillance. That is why you should think over the results of your desires because the Universe will make a reality of it.

Thirdly, the desire should be environmentally friendly and focused only on you. It means that in the result of your desire nobody could suffer from it. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the hardship in our life, and it is possible that your fondest dream to get a new apartment could come true if you inherited this apartment after the death of one of your old or sick relatives. However, it is necessary to remember that everything is under control of the Universe. Your wish will always come true by the most rational way and according to Universe's scenario about the lives of all the people who surround you. Try just accepting everything as the way it is. Also, if you wish somebody bad luck, you have to remember that everything turn to you back as a boomerang. That is why we have to be careful and formulate our desires in the right way and positively for the environment and surrounded people.

Even though these three ideas seem unusual, and it is probably difficult to believe, these three simple rules to order your desires to the Universe could help you to reach your goals without any stresses, investment of money or risky business. For people who think it is just fairy tale, I recommend trying this technique of ordering your desires as soon as possible. After all, you have nothing to lose. It is better to try and just see what will happen in the future then just complaining about the problems and boring life. Our Universe is boundless, infinite and unlimited. Every restriction that you make, they are just of your bad fantasy. Let us pull the yoke to ourselves and ascend to the sky!

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Shameful Night))))

A shameful night

It was one more usual performance, which I had done every evening during several years. That night, I just wanted to sing for the audience who came to the restaurant to listen to our music band. However, at the same time, I did not want to look in people's eyes. According to my previous experience, sometimes the audience acted strangely. For example, tried to touch the singer, dance with her on the stage during performances without her permission, try to hug her or even hit her. 

Unfortunately, there was no security to protect musicians at that restaurant, and the main manager did not care about the situations that sometimes happened when customers were drunk. That was the reason why I tried to sing for the audience without the eye-contact. In other words, I ignored them. However, that night totally changed my mind, that was shrouded by prejudice.

While I was singing, a hunched figure appeared in front of me. It was really dark looking out from the stage, so I could not make out who it was. I even did not try to understand what was going on, and just did one step deep into the stage. However, this figure began come closer to me.

"God",  I thought , "one more strange thing...What is he going to do? Why is nobody taking him away from  the stage? Again and again... all the same!!!", thoughts spun around in my head while my lips were singing a song.

Closer and closer...step by step…….but suddenly he stopped. “Thank God!”, I thought, “just get him away from here!” At the same moment, somebody ran over to this stranger, took him by his arm, and helped him to get close to me. I could not bear it anymore and I began to stare at these violators of my soul peace. The picture what I saw made me feel very ashamed. This hunched figure was a very old Korean man with big brown eyes filled with joyful expectations. He looked at me like he saw something unusual, something that he has never seen before. Also he wanted to say something but his body was shaking and he even could not open his mouth. I stopped singing and tried to catch what he wanted to say. Then, the girl who helped him to come, whispered tenderly some words in his ear. After her kindly admonition, the old  Korean man gingerly placed ten dollars as a tip in my hands. His eyes were so clear and pure like a child who was taking his first steps. “Thank you for your songs”, he said to me in English.  At that tender moment, tears spurted from my eyes. I have never felt so ashamed and embarrassed, but, on the other hand, perfect bliss and affection filled my heart. “There are still grateful people from the audience”, I thought, “who appreciate art and my singing sincerely…”
After that working day, I thought much about that old man. I felt I should noticed him earlier, instead of singing with closed heart. Life brought to me a valuable lesson to be more kind to the people. In any situation I should stay a person, a kind and open-hearted person, the way I really was and I am now.

Unfortunately, I have never seen my “brown-eyed admirer” again but I have never forgotten such unforgettable emotions he brought to me. Even now and one more time I just want to say him “THANK YOU!!!”