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 About Kateryna)))

 Hello everybody who reads information about me))
 My name is Kateryna, I am a professional singer and pianist.
 Even though I was born in Ukraine and got my first education there, I always wanted to see the world and change my life to the better way. That is why I got an invitation from one of my music teacher and went to work as a pop-singer with music band in Japan. It happened 6 years ago, and from that times I could not imagine my life without music and working abroad. I was singing in Japan, Germany and South Korea as well. However, in one moment I decided to get one more education and that is why I am in Korea right now. I am a student of BUFS and my major is English. Unfortunately, I can not work as a musician these days because I have to focusing on my studying and graduation that will happen soon.
 Even though I have not much spare time, I still have hobbies. I love to listening to the music, watching musicals, visiting concerts of famous music or movie stars, reading classical books, studying foreign languages and world history. I hope that during my vacation I will be able to give more attention to my favorite subjects))
 After graduation I would like to find a good job in Korea. I can speak several languages, so I hope I can find a working place for myself. To tell the truth, I still keep in a secret what I really want and where I want to work ))
 I hope that this blog can help me to find people with the same interests, and we can share some information, views on particular subjects, videos, audios and internet or newspaper articles. I also want to know more information according to my blog`s subjects, that can help me to develop my knowledge at some particular directions))


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